Sunday, 4 December 2011

To be or not to be

Do you ever have one of those days where you just wish you could get a break?
Well welcome to my Sunday! I decided yesterday to try to make a few extra dollars working some weekend hrs an today I got up nice and early and got ready to go. Had my tea, washed my face, dressed warm and out the door I went. Car started just fine and off I went, well about 10 minutes into my drive the car started knocking and then just died. I was able to pull it over to the side of the road and stop so I was not blocking traffic. Now I am not a mechanic, not even sure I could figure out the right side up for a screw driver so frustration and panic set in quickly! Here I am stranded on the freeway at 6am and no mechanical skills what so ever, so I abandon my car and start to walk, yup walk.
It was a good walk, a cold walk but food cause I had time to reflect on alot of things in my life. I could let this little set back ruin my day or I could smile and count my blessings. I am alive and I can prove it cause I can see my breath, I have two perfectly good legs to get me to safety, I have a warm jacket on and a TOUQUE to keep my head warm. Really I am blessed so no this will not ruin my day cause I will not allow it too.
We all have set backs in life that we need to deal with and this is just one for me so smile! I am making alot of changes in my life right now, staring to eat healthier, working out, better possitive attitude, making new friends that I hold dear to my heart(you know who you are)! I miss certain people beyond explanation but I need to stay possitive and be confident.
So if you have things in your life that seem to much to handle, remember if you are breathing, if you are upright, if your heart is still beating then smile. Be positive in all you do because it could be worse!
Follow your dreams no matter how big or small you think they are. I am not gonna ever give up and neither should you;^)
Now back to my Green Tea Latte, yummy!

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  1. Nothing like a brisk walk on a cold Edmonton winter morning. Hope you get things sorted with the car.