Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Forget the past, live for today and plan for a better tomorrow

This past yr has been somewhat of a roller coaster ride for me,not all bad but very stressful with a lot of significant changes.I spend my first Christmas without my boys this year, hardest day ever in my life so far but made me realize that every moment I have with them I need to cherish cause they are my reason for going on most days and you never know when that might be over.
I started a new job,started making decisions based on what was best for me,stopped trying to please everyone(this was good for me),started to live my life around my boys.
I have also met some very special people from all around the world that I will always hold close to my heart always.
What's next for me in 2012?I want to maybe go back to school,travel and see the world while meeting some of my new friends,get a little more serious about this writing thing,buy a real camera and learn to take beautiful photos(I caught the photo bug).
What's your new year have in store for you? 
I'm going to start living for my dreams and hopes,let fate show me tomorrow and kick fear in the ass and stop letting it dictate my life,set new goals and never give up on what my heart tells me is right, and start writing my future because it is a blank canvas ready to be painted.

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  1. you're making great decisions, Dave! I love that you're putting so much focus on your boys and really just improving things for yourself, too. Your boys will be able to tell that you're happy and it will affect them in the best way.

    Keep up the positivism. I'm keeping up on all of your posts from here on out.