Sunday, 27 November 2011

New beginnings

Being another year is almost over and I am taking my life by the horns and making my own path. Too long I have lived under other peoples rules and regulations, always worried what people may say? Well the old Dave is gone and the new and improved Dave is here.
I grew up always being judged and told I was not good enouph by people who
Called themselves either friends or godly men. I once was
Told I was going to hell cause I had long hair, haha, in your face now cause I may have got rid of the long hair but I now have earings and a nose ring, yea! I am who I am and nobody will ever try to Change me again. I have a good heart, always want to help if I can, I care deaply for those around me but I am now careful
Who I trust.
So to those who think your better than me, well use your imagination and to those that accept me for just me, thank you.
My future is bright and exciting, I have dreams and goals and fate has already given me something that I never believed I'd have. So here to me, my boys and that beautiful future that I am writing now. Join me if youd like on my new and exciting adventure or piss off!!!

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