Monday, 28 November 2011


I often dreaded a Monday due to the fact it was no longer Saturday or Sunday. I now look at Mondays as being the gateway to tomorrow. I mean on the weekend everything kinda comes to a hault, its your time to relax, re-boot, refresh yourself. Spend time with family and friends, have fun.
But Mondays are the essence of tomorrow, without Mondays we would have no future meaning no hopes, no dreams, nothing. so from today onward I will grasp Mondays as a blessing, I must be still alive for if I was not the alarm clock would not be ringing in my ear telling me to get UP and start a new week, lol.
Funny how as we get older our priorities change, our friends change, we change but i believe for the better. We learn from the past but must leave it there and move forward. At least in my case that is what i am doing.
Today is the gateway to my tomorrow which is silver lined and waiting for me to write. Leave yesterday right where it belongs and face tomorrow with the joy of what today can bring.
Happy Monday to all those special people in my life, you know who you are?:^)

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