Sunday, 27 November 2011


I have learned that to LIVE is to be real, to be yourself, to be free, to let no one else dictate your future, your dreams, your hopes, your life is yours and no one else's, be free and live. To LAUGH is what powers your daily energy, without laughter there is only sadness and loneliness, laugh every day, giggle, smile, be happy for something, a child, a song, a picture. Then there is LOVE, there are different types of LOVE, the LOVE you have for a parent, a child, even a friend then there is the LOVE that you have for only that special someone. The kinda LOVE that makes your stomach tighten up and feel like butterflies in it, the type of LOVE that makes your knees week, the type of LOVE that makes you smile from cheek to cheek, the type of LOVE that is eternal between a man and a woman,the type of LOVE that SOUL MATES come from, the type of LOVE that lasts ALWAYS FOREVER. LIVE LAUGH LOVE, if we all followed these three little words our world would truly be a happier and more peaceful place to live.
Try it on for size, what do you have to loose, nothing...

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